Garage Door Repair Saint Charles

Garage Door Repair Saint CharlesProperly working garage doors are important as any defect in the door can leave your house open to the risk of burglary. A defective garage door can also cause an accident or an injury as well. It’s usually a single component whose failure causes the malfunction and having stocked all major components of various brands in our inventory, we usually possess the parts needed to repair your garage door instantly. We not only repair garage doors but can also fit in a new garage door if you want to replace your old garage door.

  • Designing of code
  • Receivers and transmitters
  • Fixing or replacing of sensor alignment
  • Fitting of exterior keypad
  • Opener fitting
  • Opener repairing
Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair Saint Charles

  • Fitting of brand new springs
  • Substitution or fixing of defective spring
  • Torsion or spring expansion service
  • Modification of spring of garage door
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair Saint Charles
The garage door lifts up with the help of openers and this is what makes openers an integral part of the garage door assembly. In case the opener develops a defect, the garage door would not open normally and would take ages to lift up. To detect if the problem is related to garage door openers, you should see if you experience the same issues when the garage door closes. If not then you would know for sure that the problem lies with the openers.

Different garage doors have different opener requirements as the heavier the door, the stronger the opener needed to lift up the entire weight. Thus, when the garage door opener malfunctions and you decide to purchase a new opener, it is important that you buy the right opener which would work for your garage door. You can easily consult our always available support staff that would not only give you the specifications of the opener for your garage door, but would also help you out in installing the opener.

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